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7 days ago

Hi, I am new to bioinformatics and do not have much biology knowledge. I need to use some ASV (amplicon sequence variant) data, and I do not know where to begin to understand what the data means or how it is derived.

ASV_1,    ASV_2,    ASV_3,        ........,    ASV_308,    ASV_319,    ASV_351,    ASV_352
2.3442,    1.49628   11.76248,     ........,       0,                    0,              0,                    0
5.343,           0,        13.3471,       ........,       0,                    0,              0,                    0
5.4518,         0,        14.58453,     ........,       0,                    0,              0,                    0

Please tell me, what are the column headers ASV_1, ASV_2, etc, and what do they mean? What are the values (i.e. the real numbers) supposed to indicate?

What is "abundance" wrt ASV supposed to mean?


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