MapSplice2 gives error if the thread count (-p value) is greater than 2
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12 months ago
nkmalini97 • 0

Hello! I get a multi-threading error while using MapSplice2. All the reference fasta files and index files were generated accordingly, as mentioned in the website. (

I get an error after it evaluates given files/parameters but before starting Mapsplice-multithread when the thread count was -p55. Then I made it run by default which is -p 1. It was working. It also works for -p 2. More than 2 it does not work

But I want to run it on more number of threads for parallel aligning as it's taking so much time for default setting. Please help me out with this.

python2 software/MapSplice2/ -1 reads/file_1_trim.fastq -2 reads/file_2_trim.fastq --fusion -c mapsplice_fasta_files/ -x index_files/index -p 55 -o masplice_out

[Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Beginning Mapsplice run (MapSplice v2.2.1) [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Bin directory: software/MapSplice2/bin/ [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Preparing output location masplice_out/ [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking files or directory: reads/file_1_trim.fastq [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking files or directory: reads/file_2_trim.fastq [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking files or directory: mapsplice_fasta_files// [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking Bowtie index files [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Inspecting Bowtie index files [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking reference sequence length [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking consistency of Bowtie index and reference sequence [Thu Jul 22 17:53:58 2021] Checking read format -----[Read Format: FASTQ] -----[Read Type: Pair End] -----[Total # Reads: 31643736] -----[Max Read Length: 101] -----[Min Read Length: 31] -----[Max Quality Score: 74] -----[Min Quality Score: 35] -----[Quality Score Scale: Phred+33] [Thu Jul 22 17:54:14 2021] Running MapSplice multi-thread [MapSplice Running Failed] Error: Running MapSplice multi-thread failed: -11

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Have you tried with an intermediate number of threads? (greater than 1 but lower than 55)

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Yeah. It was working for -p 1 and -p 2. More than two threads it gives that error


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