How to convert GEN or .gen format from to vcf on windows 10?
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3 months ago

I tried for days to convert a gen file to vcf but it did not work. I am a beginner so i don't know what are in vcf files and gen files or how they work. I saw some tools like samtools or bcftools but it's on linux, i saw other tools but require linux or mac as well. I tried with plink but it says that it need a .sample file and i don't know what is that .sample file. I tried an other tool, fcgene but it gave me an error when i tried to convert to vcf. Do you guys know a simple tool to convert a gen file to vcf or even convert it to 23andme format?

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I am a beginner and not a geneticist and i don't know what are gen and vcf files. There is a tool named dnakitstudio that convert a vcf to 23andme and other dna compagny formats. I can't do anything with that gen file. I want a simple method to convert a gen file to vcf or 23andme format. I searched some tools like bcftools or samtools or many other and all of them require linux or mac. I tried fcgene and it gave a a sample file but in plink it says invalid first header line in .sample file. Is there a tutorial or a way to see what is that .sample file?


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