Job:Staff Scientist and Engineering positions at Scripps Research (San Diego CA or remote)
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11 weeks ago
Laura • 0

We're hiring exciting new positions at Scripps Research to discover, share, and analyze biomedical data!

Our group builds tools to improve how biologists discover and explore data. For instance, we recently developed, a tool to access and explore up-to-date information on some of the most critical data on the COVID-19 pandemic, including cases, research, and SARS-CoV-2 variants such as Delta. Our Variant reports allow researchers and the public to track the emergence and proliferation of Variants of Concern to gain insights into disease mechanisms, risk factors, epidemiology, and the effectiveness of diagnoses, treatments and vaccines. We also build infrastructure to integrate and access open data, including our BioThings SDK project to create biomedical APIs. We're looking to hire:

  • A staff scientist that helps us transform dataset discovery into data analysis to address critical biomedical problems
  • A front-end developer to build beautiful interfaces that revolutionize how we find data to develop medical breakthroughs
  • A backend developer to create a high-performance #API that allows us to access data quickly & easily to accelerate the pace of research
  • A security engineer who ensures that all our tools are secure & efficient

I can't say enough about the amazing team I get to work with - kind and talented scientists, engineers, and designers who develop innovative solutions to advance biomedical research and respond to disease outbreaks. Work in San Diego, remote work based in the U.S., or hybrid situations are all possible. Apply using the links above, and feel free to contact me at lhughes at with any questions.

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