Precomputed TCGA MC3 tumor purity data
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2.5 years ago
Yu ▴ 140

Dear all,

I am wondering to know if I can download precomputed TCGA MC3 samples tumor purity data from somewhere, I read the post Precomputed TCGA tumor purity data, but I find the sample IDs in the nature paper are not equal to the TCGA MC3 sample IDs.

I also checked the ABSOLUTE purity/ploidy file - TCGA_mastercalls.abs_tables_JSedit.fixed.txt, however, few sample IDs could be mapping to TCGA MC3 data.



I figure out that if only use the first 15 characters in the barcode, I would map almost 98% of the samples in the TCGA MC3 dataset to the TCGA ABSOLUTE purity/ploidy file.

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