Tool:A framework to prioritize miRNA-driven post-transcriptional signals using exonic and intronic regions of RNAseq data
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11 months ago
Emilio Marmol ▴ 160

Dear all,

Please let me introduce an R package we have developed which can be accessed through the following link:

EISAcompR is a comprehensive and user-friendly pipeline for performing Exon/Intron Split Analysis (EISA) using RNA-Seq data, as reported by Gaidatzis et al. (2015). This document is intended to give a technical supplementary description about how to run the EISAcompR pipeline through a detailed explanation of all the modules that form part of this tool.

We have implemented a framework to prioritize miRNA-driven post-transcriptional regulatory signals jointly with enrichment and covariation analyses to infer which miRNAs might be putatively affecting the post-transcriptional downregulation of targeted mRNAs highlighted by EISA. For further details please refer to

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