Job:Spatial & Single Cell Postdoctoral Researchers @Harvard Medical School /Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
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2.6 years ago
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Multiple postdoctoral researcher positions open in the lab and in the Spatial Technologies Unit, BIDMC, Harvard Medical School.

The lab focuses on developing and applying cutting-edge methods for the integration of spatial and single cell data for translational/reverse translation applications.

The postdoctoral researchers will utilize in-house generated data from diverse technologies (10x Genomics single cell, Visium, Akoya CODEX, Vizgen MERSCOPE/MERFISH, NanoString GeoMx) to address pressing questions.

The positions offer unique mentoring and leadership opportunities in the most rapidly expanding new frontier in biomedicine.

The postdoctoral reseachers will join the most vibrant research community across Harvard University and the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard in Boston.

Currently all open postdoctoral researcher positions are for Bioinformatics/ComBio (dry lab).

Candidates should have experience working with extensive high throughput data and optimally single cell data analysis experience.

Positions are open for US-based and international applicants.

How to apply: Please send your CV to: ivlachos [at] or dm for more information.


Some additional information regarding questions about the post:

Experience working with single cell/spatial data is desirable but open to bioinformaticians/ComBio researchers with extensive NGS, R/Bioconductor experience. Other requirements: PhD in Bioinformatics/Molecular biology/Data sciences BSc in quantitative sciences Experience in analyzing high throughput sequencing/imaging data

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Additional Info

Working hours: Full time

Salary: $53,000-70,000 per year


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