News:Clustered `nr` database is now available for web blast @NCBI
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2.4 years ago
GenoMax 143k

Clustered nr database is now available via Experimental Database radio button for blastp searches. Currently only available via NCBI BLAST web page.

Find details about how to participate by going to this link.

Clustered nr is the standard NCBI nr database clustered with each sequence within 90% identity and 90% length to other members of the cluster. Your BLAST search runs against a single representative sequence for each cluster. The representative is used as a title for the cluster and can be used to fetch all the other members.Clustered nr is smaller and more compact for searching. Results for a clustered nr search have more taxonomic depth than standard nr results. Clustered nr uses the MMseqs2 software

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This is a nice service and should be very useful. Still, I don't think enabling only blastp for this option will make the most difference. It would cut down even more significantly on psi-blast searching because of multiple passes.


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