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2.0 years ago
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Hi Biostars community! I have just graduated from university with a bioinformatics degree few months ago. Currently in quite a dilemma figuring out what area should I focus on to improve my bioinformatics skills. I would comment that I am quite inexperience in bioinformatics analysis as I have only learned how to do the analysis in classes and didn't dive deep into it.

From my knowledge, genome assembly, sequence analysis (I learnt RNA-seq analysis before), MSA, phylogenetics analysis, protein docking and modelling and a few more are considered as basic bioinformatics skills imo. Feel free to correct me or expand my views on this topic if you think I'm wrong or have incorrect views. May I know any bioinformatics professional can recommend which one (most needed and complicated skills) should I explore more and do more trainings/tutorials to get familiar with them? I have a long list of this tbh but idk where to start :')

Besides, recently I've seen a lot of bioinformatician job positions require applicants to have experience in handling NGS data. I knew it is a part of sequence analysis but I do not have deep experience about NGS data and how to handle/analyse them. Can any bioinformatics professional suggests what can I do/explore this part?

Feel free to discuss or give advice about any topics that I touched here. I hope this post can help bioinformatics undergrads and bioinformatics newbies like me (I considered myself a newbie/intermediate as I do not have enough experience yet :') ). This is why I have a future plan of pursuing a postgraduate study (MSc/phD). I would write another post about that to discuss about topics/areas I should consider to pursue my postgraduate study. Thank you for reading my lengthy post andddd Thank you very much in advance to everyone who commented and had a discussion down there, really appreciate it! :))

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