Link between CARD and PubChem?
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8 months ago
August • 0

In CARD, I want to use the ID of a resistance gene(e.g. AAC(6')-31, Accession: ARO:3002585) to find its related antibiotic's structure file.

In the paper, quote, 'CARD curation rules require each antibiotic in the ARO to be cross-referenced to a PubChem ID (PCID)' so I presume the CARD use PCID as a port connected to PubChem?

However, I could not find the 'PCID' number in the downloaded CARD data.(at local linux server)

How/Where to find it? Any help would be appreciated.

to understand it with the online example

  1. the resistance gene:
  2. the resistance gene's related drug class:
  3. the subterm of the drug class, the antibiotic:
  4. the antibiotic's structure file:
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