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2.2 years ago
nivedha • 0

Guys, I'm kind of new to bioinformatics, so can you people suggest some project ideas for beginners?

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2.2 years ago
Michael 54k

In brief: none at the moment it is too early for you. I do not recommend committing to a specific project until you have a better impression of what is interesting for you. Bioinformatics is a huge and diverse field, you could do anything from RNA-seq analysis to structural bioinformatics, machine-learning etc. So, if you need some ideas or a project, work yourself through the literature, watch online lectures on youtube or take an introductory course in bioinformatics at your university, read review articles, work yourself through the Biostars Handbook series, and learn to program. Then you could go for something like Rosalind. Now, this is your project plan for the next few months, after that you will have a much better impression of what you would like to do.


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