SOAPdenovo2 error
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6 weeks ago

I have been using soapdenovo2 for sometime now and it ran well. But all of a sudden when I ran the tool with a different kmer value, it ran for a few minutes showing the time spent on hashing nodes and the number of linear nodes marked. And then showed the error,

cannot open /path/to/output/folder/file.kmerFreq. Now exit to system...

I am not able to find any file with kmerFreq extension in the output folder I had specified. I also tried running the soapdenovo command step by step with pregraph going first instead of using the all command.

I also tried executing the soapdenovo with the sudo command as prefix to make the command run with admin permissions. Even then I wasn't able to resolve this error.

Can someone please help me with this.

Thank you!

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