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12 weeks ago

Hello all, this is my first post on Biostars so please have grace with me. I am having issues with the "Consensus and Profile" question on Bioinformatics Stronghold on Rosalind. I have literally no clue as to why or how my answer could be wrong. When working with the smaller, sample data set, I produced the correct answer, but when working with the larger dataset, it says my answer is wrong.

Here is my code:

data = open('/Users/danielpintard/Downloads/rosalind_cons (2).txt', 'r').read()
# data = open('consensus_samdata.txt', 'r').read()

#format data in FASTA file to operate on
if '>' in data :
    data_array = data.split('>')
    for i in data_array:
        if i == '':
    for i in data_array: data_array[data_array.index(i)] = i.split('\n', 2)

#create profile
prof_sequences = []

for i in data_array:
    data_array[data_array.index(i)] = i[1]

n = len(prof_sequences[0])

profile_matrix = {
    'A': [0]*n,
    'C': [0]*n,
    'G': [0]*n,
    'T': [0]*n,

for dna in prof_sequences:
    for position, nucleotide in enumerate(dna):
        profile_matrix[nucleotide][position] += 1

#find consensus string 
result = []
for position in range(n):
    max_count = 0
    max_nucleotide = None
    for nucleotide in profile_matrix:
        if profile_matrix[nucleotide][position] > max_count:
            max_count = profile_matrix[nucleotide][position]
            max_nucleotide = nucleotide

print('A:', ' '.join(map(str, profile_matrix['A'])))
print('C:', ' '.join(map(str, profile_matrix['C'])))
print('G:', ' '.join(map(str, profile_matrix['G'])))
print('T:', ' '.join(map(str, profile_matrix['T'])))

I think any errors I'm making here are above my level of expertise to understand. Even when I compare my code to others', I still can't see what is wrong with my code.

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