How to run phylogeny for genome assembly file?
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12 months ago

Hello biostars, I have a fungal genome assembly file, which has 987 sequence. I want to construct phylogenetic tree with related species.(10 numbers). Could anyone kindly recommend any suitable tools.

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12 months ago
Mensur Dlakic ★ 25k

Your post is lacking details. You have 987 proteins, or 987 contigs? Protein or DNA tree? What does 10 numbers mean: 10 related species, or you want to do 10 trees? It is difficult for me to expend major effort, and I suspect for others as well, when you are willing to write only 2 sentences about your problem.

I would not normally do this using a pre-packaged pipeline as there are many things to be customized. However, since you seem to be new to this topic, here goes:

It boils down to finding shared single-copy markers present in all species, aligning them individually, concatenating into a super-matrix, and building trees. A simpler but less accurate approach is to pick a couple of individual proteins (or rRNA) to build trees. I suggest you research this well before doing anything, as it is decidedly non-trivial.


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