Job:Permanent position as wet lab staff scientist at the National Genomics Infrastructure in Stockholm
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19 months ago

Dear Bioinformaticians, In case you know or collaborate with likeable MSc/Post-doc level wet-lab scientists who might have a keen interest in developing, perfecting and automating new sequencing protocols: Please bring this job opening in our facility to their attention!

Become part of Stockholm's vibrant life science community and interact with bright, kind and international colleagues at the Science for Life Laboratory! We invite applications for a permanent position as wet lab research engineer (staff scientist) at the National Genomics Infrastructure in Stockholm.

The Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is an institution for the advancement of molecular bio-sciences in Sweden and part of the national research infrastructure. It consists of ten platforms, each covering a specific area of expertise and technology with relevance to the life sciences. The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) platform provides access to state of the art DNA sequencing technology and operates devices from various technology providers such as Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technologies or Pacific Biosciences. The NGI offers a broad method spectrum including spatial transcriptomics, single-cell sequencing or ancient DNA sequencing and we deliver hundreds of projects per year.

In the applications team, we evaluate new kits and technologies and establish the protocols and analyses that will later be offered as routine applications to our research users. As a wet lab research engineer within the applications team of the NGI, your job will be mostly to work on non-routine methods that our users require. It comprises testing and establishing the automation routines, so the preps can be run fully or semi-automated on our robots in the future. Another task will be to troubleshoot library preps for challenging samples, which failed with or are unsuitable for our default library preparation protocols. Therefore, a keen interest in tinkering and a hands-on mentality would be advantageous.

I am happy to answer questions regarding the work and also e.g. about living in Stockholm.

Best Matthias

PS: Become my colleague in a really nice team!

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