module and trait correlation for WGCNA
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9 weeks ago
Shriyansh • 0

I am trying to run WGCNA analysis on a microarray dataset. I have been following this tutorial: I am confused about the subheading "Relate Module (cluster) Assignments to Treatment Groups." The question is: Can we see how each module is associated with the treatment group as a measure of correlation? My question arises since the name of a 'treatment group' essentially is not a numeric value that can be used to calculate the correlation. From what I understand in the tutorial, the name 'corr' and values (-1,1) are the input given in the code, not the actual correlation function used. please let me know if I am understanding this correctly (or not).

Also requesting to share some resources if there are any on the same. Thanks in advance!

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8 weeks ago

Hi Shriyansh

The way the module-trait relationship works with categorical variables is well explained in this blog.

The following link (3.a) explains how to calculate the module trait relationship.


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