Sewage covid sequence analysis using C-Wap
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13 months ago
Adyasha • 0

Hi everyone,

I have done illumina sequencing for 14 samples of RNA extracted from sewage. I have followed few research papers and they have mentioned that they have used C-wap for the analysis of variants. I want to use the same. I found the GitHub page for C-wap but really couldn't figure out how this tool work.

This is the GitHub link:

I have used these commands -

git clone
cd C-WAP

Got this error :

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

If anyone used C-wap or any other tool for covid sequence variant analysis then please help me on this, or if you can help me with how this tool will get installed and work that would be nice too. I couldn't find readme file for this.

Thank you.

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13 months ago
e.r.zakiev ▴ 210

I haven't tried the software myself but nevertheless I just downloaded the repo for the kicks of it and I see that there is no Makefile, so I am not sure why you thought that make would do anything.

The whole pipeline is centered around Nextflow and Conda. It is worth checking first if have them installed on your machine, and start from there.


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