Different alternatives for downloading GWAS summary statistics en masse
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4 months ago
LauferVA 3.7k

Hello biostars,

There are many options for downloading GWAS studies. For instance, the NHGRI GWAS catalog enables access to many of the studies at the level of association summary statistics via its ftp site. Alternatively, a search for "download GWAS data" in Google returns many hits, such as the IEU OpenGWAS project or the Atlas of genome wide association studies; there are even doit scripts available on github.

I am writing to ask if any one may have experience with the different options available, which one(s) you ultimately selected, and why you chose what you chose. For clarity, I am hoping to learn from your experience as well as learn about any caveats, e.g. "this one is good for this, but bad for this; this one is the largest; or even, across the board XYZ resource is the best."

Thank you,

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