Forum:Recommendation sought for differential exon usage of a single gene
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11 months ago
nick_b55 ▴ 10


I have a gene of interest in some RNA-Seq data, this has been aligned using STAR so as a result I have BAM files.

I am wanting to plot differential exon usage across the gene, I've viewed it in IGV and the changes I was looking for do appear to be taking place however I wanted to do this a little more quantitatively and to make a more intuitive plot showing differences in exon reads for various transcript isoforms.

Is anyone able to recommend me a particular tool for this? I am aware of software such as DEXSeq and isoformswitchanalyzeR however for now I am just looking to plot this for one particular gene rather than analyse global splicing alterations.

Many thanks in advance for any help,


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