News:Online course: Easily analyze single cell RNA-seq data with CellenicsĀ®, a user-friendly web-based platform
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25 days ago
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Are you a biologist looking to to elevate your single cell RNA-seq data analysis skills? Dive deep into the world of single-cell bioinformatics with our comprehensive course: Mastering Single Cell RNA-seq Data Analysis with CellenicsĀ®.

Course Highlights:

  • Over 10 hours of self-paced video content.
  • Designed for biologists with little to no expertise in bioinformatics or coding.
  • Hands-on exercises and practical sessions.
  • Support through our dedicated forum and email.
  • Obtain a certificate upon completion.
  • Access on our online platform with supplementary PDF materials.

Explore Topics Like:

  • Introduction to Single-Cell RNA Seq and Experimental Design
  • Data processing, integration, and exploration
  • Reproducing figures from peer-reviewed papers
  • ...and much more. Full list at

Why use the Biomage-hosted instance of Cellenics?

  • User-friendly with a streamlined workflow.
  • Hosted on the cloud by Biomage.
  • Wide variety of pre-loaded, publication-ready plots.
  • Numerous publicly available datasets for exploration.
  • Free for academic users (up to 500k cells).
  • Explore our short demo at

Stay Supported: Post-course, if you have questions or need clarity, tap into our dedicated forum or shoot us an email at

Investment: Unlock all these insights and tools for only 450 USD. Watch our course trailer here.

Enroll now at and embark on a learning journey to master the art and science of single cell RNA-seq data analysis.

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