Current landscape of approaches to scRNA-seq with nanopore sequencers?
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11 weeks ago
LauferVA 3.8k

Hi biostars,

Ongoing improvements to multiple aspects of Oxford Nanopore (hereinafter, ONTTF) sequencing have led to substantive increases in single-base calling accuracy. Specifically, many of the most important advances have occurred since 2021 ...

Because this is changing so fast, I worry that even fairly recent, well-performed studies and methodologic proposals relating to the use of ONTTF sequencing for single cell-based transcriptomic studies may already be effectively out of date.

Let's take for, instance, COLOR-seq. Because the error correction was being performed primarily due to single base calling accuracy related considerations that now no longer apply to the same degree, if I had to guess, I might venture a guess that other approaches are gaining traction as certain quality related considerations are no longer an overriding concern...

I know that is not a specific question, so let me try to phrase it in a more directed fashion:

Right now, what ideas the cutting edge for scRNA-seq using Oxford Nanopore? Are there any preprints or published articles that address ONTTF-based single cell transcriptomics written after the quality improvements realized of late (improved variant calling, duplex, etc.)

Thank you for your help and insight!

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