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3 months ago
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Dear all,

Registrations are open for the upcoming course on "Bayesian Data Analysis: Theory & Practice".

Course Details:

Our course is designed to provide a practical and application-oriented introduction to Bayesian data analysis. It equips you with the essential tools to "think like a Bayesian" by delving into explicit models of the data-generating process. Throughout the course, you'll gain a solid understanding of Bayesian data analysis concepts, complete with hands-on exercises and real-world examples.

This course is suitable for beginners looking for their first introduction to Bayesian data analysis and those with prior experience in BDA and Bayesian regression modeling. Basic familiarity with R is assumed, and we'll be using the tidyverse.

Course Outline:

  • Monday: Introduction, BDA basics, generative-process models
  • Tuesday: MCMC methods, Bayesian parameter inference, simple linear regression
  • Wednesday: Model checking, generalized linear models
  • Thursday: Bayesian model comparison, multi-level modeling
  • Friday: Good practices, reporting results, open discussions

For the full list of our courses and Workshops, please have a look at:

R Statistics Bayesian Regression-Modeling • 277 views

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