News:Course: Genome Assembly using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing
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3 months ago
carlopecoraro2 ★ 2.4k

Hi all,

We're excited to announce our upcoming online course on "Genome Assembly Using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing" taking place from March 4 to March 8, 2024.

Course website:

This course will introduce participants to a range of methods to complete the steps required to process raw Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing data into a fully assembled, polished and quality controlled genome assembly, both with and without accompanying short reads, and with and without a reference genome. Over five days, we will include a combination of both theoretical background and practical application using model viral and bacterial datasets, concluding with a full run-through of the assembly, polishing and quality control pipeline at each course participants’ own pace.

For the full list of our courses and workshops, please visit:

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