Looking for free access medical related data bases
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9 weeks ago
damejiab • 0


I been looking for a free access medical articles/papers related data base for a meta analysis in non-transmisable diseases I've tried PudMed Central, Science Direct and Redalyc. The issue is that after I collected all the data I will like to group it by country of origin, with PudMed Central some of the articles does not have the country of origin or the affiliation is from the researching countries not from the country in which the research was made, so when I tried to group them many of them will be left out. With the other two I can filter the papers bot can't download the metadata from all the papers at once and have to do it manually one by one.

So I will like to know if any of you have a data base or tool which can be use for this purpose?

Thanks in advance,
David Mejia

literature-search publication Data-mining • 230 views

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