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Registration is now open for the new online live course: INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING IN R.

Taught by Dr. Nicolas Attalides.

Dates: September 6th-21st, 2024.
Total course hours: 35.
Places are limited to 15 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

More information and registration on the course website:


Machine Learning is an extremely popular topic within the field of Artificial Intelligence. We encounter the results of machine learning algorithms on a daily basis, for example, when we shop online, play mobile games, apply for an insurance or even “drive” a driver-less car.

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the main components for implementing Machine Learning in R using the {tidymodels} and {tidyverse} framework packages. By the end of the course, students will be able to perform the necessary tasks for machine learning such as defining the problem, preparing and pre-processing data, and applying different machine learning algorithms such as Extreme Gradient Boosting, Random Forests etc. In addition, we explore how to fit a model and evaluate its performance as well as measuring the accuracy of model predictions.

This course includes a range of activities such as model-building demos, live-coding sessions, interactive quizzes, and practical exercises to work individually or in a group. Active participation and contribution are highly recommended and encouraged.

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