assembly using CCS, CLR, CCS_CLR sequences together?
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4 weeks ago
ycts • 0

Hi all, I hope the community here can provide some suggestions and solutions for me.

I am doing a fungal genome de novo assembly. Now, I have that fungal sequenced by PacBio and result in three types of sequences

  1. CCS sequencing (bam and fastq file)
  2. CLR sequencing (only have bam file)
  3. CLR_CCS sequencing (only have bam file): followed CCS sequencing using the same sample after the CLR sequencing

I have two questions here. Can I use all three sequences together at the same time to get a better assembly? I think CLR sequences may play a role like the. reference genome when doing the alignment. Since I only have the bam file for #2 and #3, can I transfer the bam file to fastq and then do the assembly (using all three sequences together)?

If someone can provide with the reference, will be awesome.


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PacBio has some recommendations on software for genome assemblies on this page (which you may have seen but just in case):


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