DOCK6 installation on MacOS M1
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13 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to install DOCK6.11 in my Mac M1 but I'm encountering some errors. I'm completely new to compiling and performing this kind of installation, thus would like some assistance/guidance through it. I've installed gcc (gcc-14.1.0) via Homebrew. I'm able to create a config.h file the way it is intended (./configure homebrew), but when I run the make all command, I seem to always get the same error about g++-11 not being located. Is the issue related to the version of gcc or is it about paths? My config.h file looks like this:

# DOCK configuration file for GNU compilers installed on macOS using the
# Homebrew package manager.  This configuration file for Apple is a work in
# progress.  It depends on idiosyncratic details of one's environment and
# compiler installation.  It may be the case that the general gnu set of DOCK
# configuration files work fine on your mac.

# CC is the C compiler
# CFLAGS is the flags for the C compiler
# CXX is the C++ compiler
# CXXFLAGS is the flags for the C++ compiler
# DOCK_SUFFIX is the suffix for the dock executable
# FC is the Fortran compiler
# FFLAGS is the flags for the Fortran compiler
# LIBS is the flags for the linker
# LINK_WITHOUT_FORTRAN_MAIN is the flag for linking without Fortran's main
# LOAD is the command to invoke the linker

CC=          gcc-11
CFLAGS=      -O2 -Wl,-ld_classic
CXX=         g++-11
CXXFLAGS=    -O2 -std=c++11 -Wl,-ld_classic
FC=          gfortran-11
FFLAGS=      -O2 -fno-automatic -fno-second-underscore -std=legacy
LIBS=        -lm -lpthread -Wl,-ld_classic
LOAD=        g++-11

# Macro definitions for NAB
# AR is the library archiver
# LEX is the lexical analyzer generator; the darwin and xopen defines are
# workarounds for some macOS 12 header file issues; e.g.:
# sff.c:1615:19: error: implicitly declaring library function 'strdup' with type 'char *(const char *)
# see also
# OCFLAGS is the flags for the C compilers with high optimization
# RANLIB is the library index generator
AR=          ar rv
RANLIB=      ranlib
# Created at Wed May 15 10:35:15 CST 2024 via ./configure homebrew
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