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4 weeks ago
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Dear all,

Only 3 seats remain for our upcoming online course, "Bioinformatic Analysis of Transposable Elements," scheduled for 3rd-7th June. This course is a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of transposable elements (TEs) and their bioinformatic analysis.

Course website:

Course Overview: Explore the evolution of TEs, their impact on genomes, and learn cutting-edge techniques for their bioinformatic analysis. Gain practical skills in TE discovery, annotation, classification, and expression analysis, guided by expert instructors.

Key Topics:

  • TE diversity and mechanisms
  • TE discovery and annotation
  • TE classification and manual curation
  • Insertion polymorphism and TE expression analysis
  • Practical sessions and project-specific guidance

Requirements: Basic command line and sequence alignment program knowledge is beneficial but not required. There will be time to discuss about your own data and projects.

Why Attend? By the end of this course, you will be equipped to conduct comprehensive TE analyses, interpret your results within the context of TE biology, and enhance TE annotations through manual curation. This is a rare chance to deepen your expertise and advance your research in genomics and evolutionary biology.

For the full list of our courses and workshops, please visit:

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