How to find nucleotide changes and the predicted effect when comparing two genomes
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4 weeks ago
Melissa • 0


I'm really new to bioinformatics and need some help. I have two E. coli genomes that I would like to compare, CP001855.1 and NC_000913.3 for example, that would go deeper than a BLAST. The information that I'm trying to get out of an alignment is in what genes or product do we find a nucleotide change, dose this nucleotide change result in a codon change that results in an amino acid change, and if so what type of change and the predicted effect (i.e. substitution, frameshift, or no change...). In other words I want to compare the genome of a non pathogenic bacteria to a possibly pathogenic bacteria to find what are the differences in the genes or product and what type of mutation/change it leads so I don't have to BLAST each individual gene. I'm new to the bioinformatics world so I'm not sure if this is even possible or what to "google" to find a tool that could do this.

Thank you in advance for your time and help with this.

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