News:FastQC Version 0.11.1 released
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10.1 years ago
rtliu ★ 2.2k

FastQC v0.11.1 is the first release for a long time and is a major update to the package. This release adds some significant new features to the program which will hopefully make it more useful.

The major new features in this release are:

  • Added configurable warn/fail thresholds for all modules
  • Allow modules to be selectively turned off
  • Added a per-tile quality plot for Illumina libraries
  • Added an adapter content plot
  • Improved the duplication plot
  • Improved the Kmer module
  • Used embedded graphics in the HTML output so you can distribute a single file
  • Added the ability to read data from stdin
  • Changed how base grouping works to better accommodate long reads
  • Dropped support for Solexa64 format (NB not Phred 64 which is still supported)

genome next-gen-sequencing • 2.6k views
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10.1 years ago

This is great news. The duplication plot was one of my pet peeves.

For the help file I would recommend to define with a formula what duplication actually means. I found out the hard way that different interpretations may lead to radically different results:

So What Does The Sequence Duplication Rate Really Mean In A Fastqc Report


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