Job:Freelancers for Personal Genomics Business
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9.9 years ago

Hey all,

I am looking for freelancers in Personal Genomics business development in US/Europe/Australia.

For more details, mail to:

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You're looking in the right place, but it would be more efficient if you stated what your projects/goals are, what you're paying, and what your expected skillset is. Experienced freelancers are less likely to spend their time fishing out what you need. You'll also spend more of your time talking to people without having any notion upfront of whether they have the skills you need or will accept the compensation you're offering.

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agree with @Deedee: Brief desciption of your projects areas will encourage the right persons...

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Hi Deedee,

Let me give you short description about Positive Bioscience.

Positive Bioscience is a Genomics company from Mumbai, India. We are into Clinical Genomics and Genomics services

We have two products under Clinical Genomics

  1. Cancer Genomics - This is for cancer patients. Understanding through sequencing tumor genome and profiling the mutations with their clinical actionable results. This product guides to oncologists in treating the cancer patient.

  2. Personal Genomics - This is for healthy individuals, We sequence the complete human exome and predict the disease risk of individual.

Genomics Services :

  1. Sequencing : We provide quick turn around time and best quality with price for sequencing human/plant genomes. we use Amazon cloud support for our pipelines and data storage and 100% data secured.

  2. Analysis : We are offering genome analysis for human and plant genome. we can handle any amount of data at any kind of coverage and analysis. we can also provide custom database development and pharmacogenomics databases.

  3. Pharma Services : In pharma services we are providing genome sequencing and analysis support in drug discovery, biomarker identification and assistance in clinical trails with checking genomic profiling for registries. We also provide clinical samples with genetic profile for finding new approaches in drug development.

We are the first company to launch Clinical Genomics in India, partnered with main key hospitals and research institutes in India and we are well established. Currently we are expanding our services to International level. I am looking for freelancers as a consultants who can bring the business in terms of Genomics services. We are looking to have strategic collaborations/partners with hospitals, research institutes, pharma companies or any other industry/clients looking for Genomics support.

If you find this is interesting and ready to work with us as a freelancer/consultant, Get back to me with your queries and i will send you further details on the business parts.

Thanks Venkat


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