Computing PAM and Blosum Substitution Matrices
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8.1 years ago
psetha ▴ 90

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on here. Hope you guys can give a helping hand to me.

This semester I'm getting a computational biology course. I've been enjoying though being a biochemistry based student makes dealing with calculations and maths a bit challenging.

There's this homework I'm struggling with:

Even though I'm reading the text book I can't manage to find out how I am going to create PAM and BLOSUM matrices from the aminoacid sequence given.

Can you show me a way out as I will keep searching for such examples but solved?

Thank you and sorry if I'm breaking some kind of forum rules by posting this, I just started to feel overwhelmed.

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Though we don't encourage solving your homework for you, helping you out with pointers would not be a problem.

A small note: From the way you've phrased your question, it would seem that you think of the sequence in the assignment as a single sequence. Please note that each line is a different sequence and you have 20 sequences, each 100 aa long. This should help you with your first step towards building the matrices.


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