Tutorial:Video: Intro to All New Features in IGB 8.2
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Focus on a Feature: Intro to All New Features in IGB 8.2.

This Focus on a Feature has finished. You can find the recording here:


You can find the BitBucket repository with files related to running IGB through R here.

You can find previous Focus on a Feature tutorials here:


  1. Introduction to IGB 8.2
  2. Viewing paired-end data
  3. Using Plug-ins
  4. Running IGB through R
  5. Q and A with IGB Senior Software Developer David Norris

Integrated Genome Browser (IGB)

IGB provides an advanced, highly customizable environment for exploring and analyzing large-scale genomic data sets. Using IGB you can visually analyze RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and many other genomic projects. The best part of all is that IGB can be used to produce publication quality images from genome scale data sets, and is provided FREE.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at:

Nowlan Freese nfreese@uncc.edu

Ann Loraine aloraine@uncc.edu

To download and start IGB, go to http://bioviz.org/igb/ and select the "Download Now" link. Select the medium or small memory option, depending on amount of available RAM. Once IGB starts, choose Help / Tutorials for a quick introduction to IGB.

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