both old and new Tophat with old and new bowtie present on server
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9.4 years ago
Tark ▴ 50

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install tophat-2.0.12.Linux_x86_64 and bowtie2-2.2.3 on a server that has an older version of these software

After unzipping the files I put it in my path by modifying .bashrc

echo $PATH shows it is in path


Now when I type which tophat, it give me the location


which is the other place it is installed with older version. So when I run the command from the folder where my binaries are

./tophat2 -o shams -G Homo_sapiens.gtf -p 8 ref_ensemble/GRCh38.dna A.fastq --segmentlength 37

I get this error

Beginning TopHat run (v2.0.12)
[2015-01-23 19:03:27] Checking for Bowtie
Error: TopHat requires Bowtie 2.0.5 or later

As on server old version is installed bowtie-0.12.7 while the version that I download and put in path is bowtie2-2.2.3

How can force tophat to use this new version and ignore older version installed on server

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9.4 years ago
Ram 44k

You can add your tophat to PATH in such a way that it is found before the system wide tophat. To do that, use


This will use your version of tophat by default.


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