Question: Problem Using Hhsearch
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Gonzalo Parra40 wrote:

Hi everyone I am trying to use HHSearch an d HHRepID.

But I am having problems in running the script.

I filled with the paths in the lines:

my $dbbase="/home/gonzalo/blast-2.2.16/db/nr"; # will use PSI-BLAST dbs $dbbase."90" and $dbbase."70"  
my $hh=".";
my $perl=$hh;
my $ncbidir="/home/gonzalo/blast-2.2.16/bin"; # directory with ncbi BLAST binaries
my $blastpgp="$ncbidir/blastpgp -I T -s T"; # blastpgp executable
our $blastpgp.= " -I T -s T"; # show gi's in defline; use Smith-Waterman

But I got th following error when I run it: Building alignment for query with PSI-BLAST ...

$  -I T -s T -b 20000 -v 1 -e 0.001 -d /home/gonzalo/blast-2.2.16/db/nr90 -i /tmp/gonzalo/21668/P25963.seq &> /tmp/gonzalo/21668/P25963.bla
sh: Illegal option -

It is like the variable our $blastpgp is empty. I never used variables declared with our, and I'm not getting it. Why there are two variables called the same declared with my and our in the same script?

I tried to modify the line:

our $blastpgp.= " -I T -s T"; # show gi's in defline; use Smith-Waterman


our $blastpgp.= "blastpgp -I T -s T"; # show gi's in defline; use Smith-Waterman

But it give me the following error

$ ./ -M first -noss a3m a3m P25963.seq /tmp/gonzalo/23720/ -> 1 $ ./ -r a3m psi /tmp/gonzalo/23720/ /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.psi -> 1

Building alignment for /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963 (sp|P25963|IKBA_HUMAN)

Building alignment for query with PSI-BLAST ... $ blastpgp -I T -s T -b 20000 -v 1 -e 0.001 -d /home/gonzalo/blast-2.2.16/db/nr90 -i /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.seq &> /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.bla $ ./ -cov 80 -e 0.001 -bl 0.33 -bs 0.67 -best -psi -q /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.seq /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.bla /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.core.psiError in blast output file /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.bla truncated:

Error in could not parse the result of ./ -cov 80 -e 0.001 -bl 0.33 -bs 0.67 -best -psi -q /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.seq /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.bla /tmp/gonzalo/23720/P25963.core.psi: regex=^(\d+) sequences extracted gonzalo@malbec:~/Desktop/HHrepID/hh_1.5.0.linux64$ BLASTP 2.2.16 [Mar-25-2007]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), "Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs", Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Reference for composition-based statistics: Schaffer, Alejandro A., L. Aravind, Thomas L. Madden, Sergei Shavirin, John L. Spouge, Yuri I. Wolf, Eugene V. Koonin, and Stephen F. Altschul (2001), "Improving the accuracy of PSI-BLAST protein database searches with composition-based statistics and other refinements", Nucleic Acids Res. 29:2994-3005.

Query= sp|P25963|IKBA_HUMAN NF-kappa-B inhibitor alpha OS=Homo sapiens GN=NFKBIA PE=1 SV=1 (317 letters)

Database: nr90 3,820,465 sequences; 1,326,381,835 total letters


The blast ends working but is like the script does not wait it for ending and says that the report is truncated because it wants to read it before is done.

I don't know what is going on.

Thanks in advance

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France/Nantes/Institut du Thorax - INSERM UMR1087
Pierre Lindenbaum132k wrote:

The error is in the following line:

$  -I T -s T -b 20000 -v 1 -e 0.001 -d ...

you just gave the options, but the shell needs first, the name of a program

$  myprogram -I T -s T -b 20000 -v 1 -e 0.001 -d ...
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Johannes Soeding40 wrote:

Please see the answer at A: Problem With Buildali.Pl From Hhsearch

Best regards,
Johannes Soeding

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