Divide by 0 error when passing multiple files to plot-bcfstats
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7.3 years ago

I'm trying to run bcftools stats on multiple files and then have plot-vcfstats give me a single plot that shows the data for each file. If I run plot-vcfstats on one file, it's fine. If I try to run it on multiple files, it breaks.


plot-vcfstats -p Chr_all/ Chr12.vcf.gz_stats.txt ChrX.vcf.gz_stats.txt

Error message:

Parsing bcftools stats output: Chr12.vcf.gz_stats.txt
Parsing bcftools stats output: ChrX.vcf.gz_stats.txt
Illegal division by zero at /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/bcftools/1.2/bin/plot-vcfstats line 480.

This happens regardless of what combination of input files I use. All input files I have tested will run fine in plot-vcfstats individually, but will throw this divide by zero exception if I pass more than one as an argument to plot-vcfstats

I have tried merging them in the hope of avoiding this, but got the exact same error as above:

Illegal division by zero at /usr/local/Cluster-Apps/bcftools/1.2/bin/plot-vcfstats line 480.

Command for merge:

plot-vcfstats -m Chr12.vcf.gz_stats.txt ChrX.vcf.gz_stats.txt

Can anyone help me sort this out, or suggest a workaround if this is a bug?



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