Question: Difference in htseq-count values for sorted bam and unsorted bam by name
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nalandaatmi60 wrote:

Dear All,

I am working on getting the read counts for some genes. Firstly, I aligned my trimmed RNASeq reads with human and mouse genome to get alignment file (accepted_hits.bam) in bam format using tophat. I provided htseq-count tool with two different bam files (sorted and unsorted).

Case1: I used the accepted_hits.bam from tophat directly as the input to the htseq-count and counted the reads for each gene. 

htseq-count -f bam -s yes -i gene_id accepted_hits.bam hg19_genes.gtf > HTSeq-count_$sampleid$divider$currentDate.txt

Note: By default accepted_hits.bam file is sorted based on coordinates by tophat.

Case2: I sorted the accepted_hits.bam file based on "NAMES" using samtools. Then provided as input to the htseq-count and counted the reads for each gene.

$ samtools sort -n accepted_hits.bam accepted_hits_sorted.bam

$ htseq-count -f bam -r name -s yes -i gene_name accepted_hits_sorted.bam hg19_genes.gtf  > HTSeq-count_$sampleid$divider$currentDate.txt

  Unsorted-Bam Sorted-Bam
Globin Genes Stranded: YES Stranded: YES
HBB 36472 19800
HBA1 20398 4249
HBA2 144174 47553
HBG1 2825 2384
HBG2 2638 1942
HBD 4 3
HBE1 0 0
HBZ 0 0
HBQ1 3 2
MB 0 0
CYGB 2 1
NGB 2 1
Total Globin 206,518 75,935
__no_feature 94,038,451 51,420,979
__ambiguous 46,175 56,695
__too_low_aQual 0 0
__not_aligned 0 0
__alignment_not_unique 32,018,089 16,952,589
Total reads 126,969,861 68,900,778
% of Globin_reads 0.1626 0.1102

Can anyone explain why the total reads value is low for sorted bam compared to unsorted bam?

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Devon Ryan91k wrote:

The name sorted results are correct, the coordinate ones are not because you lied to htseq-count and told it you had a name-sorted file (it's the default, you don't need to say -r name) instead of the coordinate-sorted file that you do have (accepted_hits.bam is coordinate sorted by default). Try adding -r pos with accepted_hits.bam and you'll likely get more or less identical results.

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Thanks Devon for your answers. I submitted the jobs for htseq-count with -r pos parameters. Currently, the jobs are running. I have another query,

Why the reads count 68,900,778 from htseq-count is not matching to either the trimmed reads count (66,113,117 trimmed reads pairs (R1 and R2))


the aligned reads count (Unique reads: 56,594,380 or 131,374,951) from bam file?

$samtools view accepted_hits.bam | cut -f1 | sort | uniq | wc -l

Unique Reads: 56,594,380 

$samtools view accepted_hits.bam | cut -f1 | sort | wc -l



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Tophat may output multiple alignments for a given read/pair. htseq-count won't include them in any real counts (they'll be in "__alignment_not_unique"). You don't want to count reads, but fragments, so there are ~57 million of them.

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Yeah that make sense, there are ~57 million unique fragments. So in that case, a fragment can be single read or combination of multiple reads. 

The below details are from this post C: Difference in number of reads in tophat and htseq-count outputs.

2) After aligning the trimmed reads using tophat

TopHat Output align summary:

Left reads: (Left reads alone aligned)
          Input     :  66,113,117
           Mapped   :  54,521,571 (82.5% of input)
            of these:   4,509,697 ( 8.3%) have multiple alignments (78742 have >20)
Right reads: (Right reads alone aligned)
          Input     :  66,113,117
           Mapped   :  53,610,826 (81.1% of input)
            of these:   4,412,079 ( 8.2%) have multiple alignments (78753 have >20)
81.8% overall read mapping rate. (is average of 82.5% and 81.1%)

Aligned pairs:  51,538,017 (Both left and right reads as a pair aligned)
     of these:   4,275,585 ( 8.3%) have multiple alignments
                  780763 ( 1.5%) are discordant alignments
76.8% concordant pair alignment rate. 

Left reads Input - Mapped reads = 11,591,546 reads (i.e 17.5% is not mapped from left)

Right reads Input - Mapped reads = 12,502,291 reads (18.9% is not mapped from right)

TopHat Output Prep_reads_info:

left_reads_in =66,113,117

right_reads_in =66,113,117

left_reads_in - left_reads_out = 33,231 reads (what happened to these reads?)

right_reads_in - right_reads_out= 42,763 (what happened to these reads?)

Both left reads input and Left_read_in have 66,113,117 sample value,


What is the difference between left_reads_out (66,079,886) and left reads (54,521,571)?

What is the difference between right_reads_out (66,070,354) and right reads (53,610,826 )?

What is the difference between 81.8% overall read mapping rate and 76.8% concordant pair alignment rate?

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left_reads_out/right_reads_out are what remain after tophat filters for length. You can google "concordant alignment" for the rest of your question.

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