Which ligands bind (are sensed by) these Odorant Binding Proteins?
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8.5 years ago
a1ultima ▴ 840

I have a list of odorant binding protein (OBP) IDs, from the malarial mosquito Anopheles gambiae, and I would like to know which ligands they bind to.

I would greatly appreciate tips or links to resources to help me identify which ligands these proteins bind to.

Here are the list of protein IDs:

ID           Uniprot   Name
AGAP000643   Q8I8Q3    agamobp36
AGAP010409   Q7PGA3    agamobp22
AGAP002905   Q8I8T4    agamobp13
AGAP006080   Q7PNT8    agamobp54
AGAP000638   Q8I8Q0    agamobp32
AGAP000642   Q8I8Q2    agamobp35
AGAP012331   Q8I8R3    agamobp29
AGAP006076   Q7YW65    agamobp50
AGAP009629   Q8I8S2    agamobp5
AGAP001409   Q8T6R8    agamobp3
AGAP006079   Q7YW63    agamobp53
AGAP005182   Q8I8Q5    agamobp41
AGAP003530   Q8I8S6    agamobp6
AGAP004433   Q7PQ54    agamobp19
AGAP006760   Q706E7    agamobp59
AGAP002188   Q8I8T5    agamobp12
AGAP006078   Q7YW70    agamobp52
AGAP010649   Q8I8P6    agamobp31
AGAP000278   Q8I8R2    agamobp9
AGAP012867   Q5TYJ0    agamobp71
AGAP012322   Q6H900    agamobp63
AGAP012325   Q8I8R4    agamobp28
AGAP006759   A7US02    agamobp65
AGAP012714   A7UR17    agamobp72
AGAP003307   Q8I8T1    agamobp15
AGAP003306   Q7PLY2    agamobp2
AGAP005208   Q7Q9J3    agamobp20
AGAP000279   Q8I8Q8    agamobp8
AGAP013182   F5HK49    agamobp69
AGAP012659   Q5TXN1    agamobp67
AGAP011367   Q7PJC9    agamobp56
AGAP002191   F7IVN4    agamobp40
AGAP002025   Q8I8Q9    agamobp11
AGAP008398   Q8I8S3    agamobp21
AGAP011368   Q7Q2W3    agamobp57
AGAP010489   Q8T6R7    agamobp4
AGAP002556   Q7QCC4    agamobp62
AGAP001189   F7IW19    agamobp10
AGAP001556   Q7PXT9    agamobp7
AGAP012320   Q7Q088    agamobp25
AGAP012658   A0NAZ8    agamobp68
AGAP000580   Q8I8Q4    agamobp38
AGAP012323   Q5TN65    agamobp27
AGAP000644   Q8I073    agamobp34
AGAP011647   Q8WRX3    agamobp30
AGAP000641   Q8I073    agamobp37
AGAP002190   F7IVC5    agamobp39
AGAP012324   Q5TN67    agamobp64
AGAP012318   Q8I8R9    agamobp23
AGAP012319   Q8I8R8    agamobp24
AGAP000640   Q8I8Q1    agamobp33
AGAP007286   Q7YW67    agamobp48
AGAP006077   A7UU11    agamobp51
AGAP007281   Q6H8Z5    agamobp60
AGAP006074   Q5TR65    agamobp58
AGAP012321   Q8I8R6    agamobp26
AGAP007282   Q5TWU4    agamobp61
AGAP007287   Q7PF80    agamobp47
AGAP007289   Q706F3    agamobp46
AGAP003309   Q8I8T0    agamobp1
AGAP002189   Q8I8T3    agamobp14
AGAP009402   Q8I8Q7    agamobp43
AGAP010648   Q8I8S0    agamobp44
AGAP009065   Q8I8Q6    agamobp42
AGAP006075   Q7YW66    agamobp49
AGAP006368   Q7Q5L4    agamobp70
AGAP007283   A0NBD9    agamobp66
AGAP006081   Q7YW61    agamobp55
AGAP010650   Q8I8P7    agamobp45

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