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6.9 years ago
Chenglin ▴ 230

Hi all,

I am going to use MutMAap to identify genomic regions which harbors mutations causing changes in agronomically related traits in rice. I need to install the following programs as recommended in the protocol:

  1. Perl (v5.8.8)
  2. R (version 2.15.0)
  3. BWA (version 0.5.9-r16)
  4. SAMtools (0.1.8 or before)
  5. FASTX-Toolkit (

I found these programs have already been installed in our HPC server, but in higher versions. My question is, do I need to install exact versions of the programs as recommend in the protocol, or I can used the higher versions instead? I am new in bioinformatics, please help me? Thanks!

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