Job:Postdoctoral Researcher at the Bioinformatics and Data Analytics Laboratory at NIBRT in Dublin, Ireland
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Role Overview:

The Bioinformatics and Data Analytics Laboratory (BDAL) at NIBRT is seeking a Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the 'Bio-manufacturing 4.0: The application of advanced data analytics to enhance biopharmaceutical production.' project which is funded by a multinational biopharmaceutical company based in the UK.

The development of "big data" infrastructure coupled with state-of-the art statistical methods can enable the BioPharma industry to effectively manage and extract actionable information from large-scale datasets ultimately translating the knowledge gained to reduce process variability and improve yields. Using this technology manufacturing datasets composed of disparate sources of information can be aggregated and analysed to identify patterns within process steps enabling optimisation of those variables that have that have the greatest effect on yield. The recognition of patterns within historical datasets can also enable the development of real-time control of processes through the construction of prediction models using machine learning algorithms such as artificial neural networks. The use of these models could allow prediction of deviations before they occur allowing adjustments to be made to bring a process back within operational limits.

The successful candidate will become part of the Bioinformatics and Data Analytics Laboratory and investigate the utility of advanced data analytics for biopharmaceutical production. This project aims to utilise big data infrastructure (e.g. the Apache Spark system), high performance computing as well as advanced multivariate statistics and machine learning algorithms. These tools will be used to extract new process knowledge, identify sources of variation and to investigate real-time model predictive control strategies.

This is a fixed term specific purpose appointment for up to 1 year, with high potential for continuation beyond that subject to further funding.


The salary for this position is in line with the SFI postdoctoral researcher scales.

The successful candidate must have a PhD in Statistics, Data Analytics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics or a relevant and related area and will be based at the NIBRT Facility, located at Foster Avenue, Mount Merrion, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Principal Accountabilities:

The key responsibilities of the job include:

  • managing and conducting a specific programme of research under the leadership of the Principal Investigator and/or Project Manager;
  • disseminating the outcomes of this research at project meetings, through written reports and through publication in peer‐reviewed academic journals of international standing;
  • assisting in the further development of the research programme and in seeking and pursuing appropriate external funding;
  • liaising with all project partners' and relevant industries where necessary;
  • engaging in appropriate training and professional development opportunities as determined by the Principal Investigator and/or Project Manager;
  • preparing and presenting progress reports and research findings to colleagues for review purposes;
  • participating fully in the wider research and scholarly activities of the Research Consortium/Institute within the remit and restrictions of the appointed position;
  • carrying out any other duties within the scope, spirit and purpose of the job as requested by the line manager;
  • comply with all NIBRT policies and regulations, including those in relation to Research Ethics and Health and Safety.

Please follow link to see more details of a position in my lab.

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