Tutorial:Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2016 (collection of educational lectures)
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Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2016

A lecture series covering contemporary areas in genomics and bioinformatics

February 17 - May 25, 2016

Given the rapid advances in genomics and bioinformatics that have taken place in the past few years, an intensive review of the major areas of ongoing genome research would be of great value to our fellow National Institutes of Health investigators. To that end, the National Human Genome Research Institute is pleased to once again sponsor the Current Topics in Genome Analysis lecture series.

The series consists of 14 lectures on successive Wednesdays, with a mixture of local and outside speakers covering the major areas of genomics. In this 12th edition of the series, rather than splitting the lectures into "laboratory-based" and "computationally-based" blocks, we have intermingled the lectures by general subject area. We hope that this approach conveys the idea that both laboratory- and computationally-based approaches are necessary in order to do cutting-edge biological research in the future.

The lectures are geared at the level of first year graduate students, are practical in nature, and are intended for a diverse audience. Handouts will be provided for each lecture, and time will be available at the end of each lecture for questions and discussion.

List of lectures and handouts

All of these are lectures are available as YouTube Videos on the NHGRI's Genome TV YouTube channel.

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This is an update for the 2016 version of this very popular lecture series. The old post is here: Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2014 (collection of educational lectures). That post also includes links back to archived versions of this lecture series. It has now been going on for 14 years.


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