Job:Bioinformatician/Statistical Geneticist at Cytox Ltd (UK)
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I'm not posting this on behalf of myself, but for a company I worked with on a project a couple of years ago who I'm prepared to vouch for in terms of how interesting I think the role might be for the right person!

They're called Cytox and have recently been in the news with their Alzheimer's Dx work with £2.6M raised in new financing:

If you are interested in applying for the role please send your CV along with a covering letter to:

Role spec is below:


Statistical Geneticist to work on the predictive profile of genetic data for diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, working as part of a collaboration between Cytox and UCL (Professor John Hardy group).

The post holder will be responsible for the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of genetic data generated from Genome Wide Association Analyses and Next Generation Sequencing, arrays and other technologies as required. The post holder will need to provide statistical reports of calculated genetic risks for Alzheimer's disease derived from analysis of raw genetic data in a timely fashion for the collaborative group and will help in the preparation of both scientific publications for the consortium on which they will be a co-author and in patent filings for the consortium.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To develop and maintain analysis pipelines for genomic data.
  • To maintain a database for the storage of genetic data and to establish links to external databases and procedures for submission to repositories where appropriate.
  • Assist in integrating clinical, biomarker, genomic and imaging data.
  • To configure and administer computational resources and liaise with IT support as required.
  • Monitor the quality of data produced by next generation sequencing and other technologies, to ensure they conform to standards for analysis.
  • To participate in meetings as required with the consortium members
  • Work collaboratively and liaise with colleagues in other genomic institutions, to share good practice, information and ideas for the benefit of all parties.
  • Implement procedures for data processing, quality control, analysis, interpretation, and storage.
  • Present the results at scientific meetings. Maintain an awareness of the relevant scientific literature.
  • Participate in internal and external lectures, seminars, meetings and courses to facilitate personal training and development.
  • To write and contribute to the writing of publications.
  • To attend seminars and other departmental meetings as required.
  • To participate in any laboratory duties commensurate with the grade as required.
  • As duties and responsibilities change, the job description will be reviewed and amended in consultation with the role holder.
  • The role holder will carry out any other duties as are within the scope, spirit and purpose of the job as requested by the line manager.

Person Specification: Essential

  • Degree in Statistics, Bioinformatics or related discipline
  • Programming skills: Must be familiar with one or more of the following languages: Perl, R, Python, C, Java
  • Proficient in using command-line and writing and running scripts
  • An understanding of the principles of DNA array and sequence analysis, including Next-generation sequencing
  • Experience of database design and maintenance
  • Experience of processing, managing and analysing genomic data
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written, including presentation and report writing skills 

Person Specification: Desirable

  • Experience in identifying and documenting requirements, evaluating systems and hardware, and managing implementations
  • Clinical research experience
  • An understanding of the legislation and information governance frameworks covering clinical research in the UK
  • An understanding of data security best practice
  • Experience in identifying genetic variants associated with disease and the downstream analysis of these data
  • An understanding of high-performance computing
  • Experience of configuring and using Linux based computational clusters

This job description is not meant to be restrictive or exhaustive and duties may change in response to changing circumstances. These will be discussed with the role holder.

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Sorry, I can not hold back. This is one of these job descriptions where they ask for so much ... it is somewhat laughable. You ask for three persons, not for one. The only thing that is missing is something like 'salary 20 000 per year' to turn this into satire.

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You'll notice that most of these are 'desirable' not 'essential' it's the formatting of my post I'm afraid. I don't think the essential criteria are at all excessive for a bioinformatics post. Most employers will consider interviewing someone who ticks 'most' of the boxes. The post is not working in isolation either!


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