Question: loadling bcf2 file in plink
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janhuang.cn150 wrote:

I am using bcftools to save a bcf2 file (chr22.bcf2) for a later analysis using plink.

bcftools view --samples-file sample.txt --force-samples --types snps --output-type b chr22_genotypes.vcf.gz | bcftools norm -Ob -m+any  | bcftools norm -Ob --fasta-ref human_g1k_v37.fasta | bcftools annotate --output-type b --output chr22.bcf2  -I '%CHROM:%POS:%ID'

But when I load this file into plink, invalid chromosome was found.

plink --bcf chr22.bcf2 --make-bed --out chr22

Error: Invalid chromosome code 'hs37d5' in .bcf file.

This error was not returned when I save the file as vcf and load it with plink. And when I checked which line has a chromosome code of "hs37d5", the below message was returned.

bcftools view  chr22.bcf2  | grep -e "hs37d5" | cut -f1-7

##reference=                 _reference_assembly_sequence/hs37d5.fa.gz

Are these the header lines? Can exclude them when loading with plink? or exclude them when saving as bcf2?

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Kevin Blighe60k
Kevin Blighe60k wrote:

I was able to replicate your error and also prove that it works when it's a VCF (but not BCF).

Error: Invalid chromosome code 'hs37d5' in .bcf file.

(Use --allow-extra-chr to force it to be accepted.)

The contig parameter in the VCF header just lists all of the contigs/chromosomes that should be present in your file. You can safely remove it manually.

Afer removing it, if you convert your file back to vcf with bcftools view -Ov chr22.bcf2 > chr22.vcf and then index with bgzip chr22.vcf followed by tabix -p chr22.vcf.gz, VCFtools will automatically add new contig tags for whatever contigs are present. In my example, ##contig= < ID=22 > is added.

I then convert this back to BCF and index it:

bcftools view -Ob chr22.vcf.gz > chr22.bcf
bcftools index chr22.bcf

Once you do that, it reads into PLINK:

/Programs/plink1.90/plink --bcf chr22.bcf2 --make-bed --out chr22
PLINK v1.90b3.38 64-bit (7 Jun 2016)
(C) 2005-2016 Shaun Purcell, Christopher Chang   GNU General Public License v3
Logging to chr22.log.
Options in effect:
  --bcf chr22.bcf2
  --out chr22

15037 MB RAM detected; reserving 7518 MB for main workspace.
--bcf: chr22-temporary.bed + chr22-temporary.bim + chr22-temporary.fam written.
12 variants loaded from .bim file.
2504 people (0 males, 0 females, 2504 ambiguous) loaded from .fam.
Ambiguous sex IDs written to chr22.nosex .
Using 1 thread (no multithreaded calculations invoked).
Before main variant filters, 2504 founders and 0 nonfounders present.
Calculating allele frequencies... done.
Total genotyping rate is 0.999434.
12 variants and 2504 people pass filters and QC.
Note: No phenotypes present.
--make-bed to chr22.bed + chr22.bim + chr22.fam ... done.
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I am not sure about the steps you mentioned.

My original data is chr22_genotypes.vcf.gz. Do you mean I can remove the contig parameter in chr22_genotypes.vcf.gz and save as chr22.vcf And then apply bgzip chr22.vcf | tabix -p chr22.vcf.gz to chr22.vcf?

And then apply this command to convert to bcf?

bcftools view -Ob chr22.vcf > chr22.bcf
bcftools index chr22.bcf

Also, do you mean remove the contig parameter using bcftools? Could you suggest the command I should be using?

ADD REPLYlink written 2.7 years ago by janhuang.cn150

Hey, no, I only convert the BCF (binary compressed) back to VCF (plain text) so that I can manually remove the line using the vi editor (or any other text editor). This is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, provided that you understand.

ADD REPLYlink written 2.7 years ago by Kevin Blighe60k

I see. Thank you very much.

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