Question: WGCNA code for rna-seq data SFT plot issue
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krushnach80160 wrote:
options(stringsAsFactors = FALSE);
countdata <- read.csv('module500.csv', header=TRUE)
femData <- countdata
datExpr =[, -c(1)]))
names(datExpr) = femData$Symbol
rownames(datExpr) = names(femData)[-c(1)]
powers = c(c(1:10), seq(from = 12, to=20, by=2))
sft=pickSoftThreshold(datExpr,dataIsExpr = TRUE,powerVector = powers,corFnc = cor,corOptions = list(use = 'p'),networkType = "unsigned")
sizeGrWindow(9, 5)
par(mfrow = c(1,2))
cex1 = 0.9

plot(sft$fitIndices[,1], -sign(sft$fitIndices[,3])*sft$fitIndices[,2],xlab="Soft Threshold (power)",ylab="Scale Free Topology Model Fit, signed R^2",type="n", main = paste("Scale independence"))
text(sft$fitIndices[,1], -sign(sft$fitIndices[,3])*sft$fitIndices[,2],labels=powers,cex=cex1,col="red")

# Red line corresponds to using an R^2 cut-off

# Mean connectivity as a function of the soft-thresholding power
plot(sft$fitIndices[,1], sft$fitIndices[,5],xlab="Soft Threshold (power)",ylab="Mean Connectivity", type="n",main = paste("Mean connectivity"))
text(sft$fitIndices[,1], sft$fitIndices[,5], labels=powers, cex=cex1,col="red")

softPower = 7

adj= adjacency(datExpr,type = "unsigned", power = softPower)

#turn adjacency matrix into topological overlap to minimize the effects of noise and spurious associations
TOM=TOMsimilarityFromExpr(datExpr,networkType = "unsigned", TOMType = "unsigned", power = softPower)

colnames(TOM) =rownames(TOM) = datExpr

geneTree = flashClust(as.dist(dissTOM),method="average")
plot(geneTree, xlab="", sub="",cex=0.3)

minModuleSize = 20;

# Module identification using dynamic tree cut

dynamicMods = cutreeDynamic(dendro = geneTree,  method="tree", minClusterSize = minModuleSize);
#dynamicMods = cutreeDynamic(dendro = geneTree, distM = dissTOM, method="hybrid", deepSplit = 2, pamRespectsDendro = FALSE, minClusterSize = minModuleSize);

#the following command gives the module labels and the size of each module. Lable 0 is reserved for unassigned genes
dynamicColors = labels2colors(dynamicMods)

plotDendroAndColors(geneTree, dynamicColors, "Dynamic Tree Cut", dendroLabels = FALSE, hang = 0.03, addGuide = TRUE, guideHang = 0.05, main = "Gene dendrogram and module colors")

restGenes= (dynamicColors != "grey")
diss1=1-TOMsimilarityFromExpr(datExpr[,restGenes], power = softPower)

colnames(diss1) =rownames(diss1) = datExpr[restGenes]
hier1=flashClust(as.dist(diss1), method="average" )
plotDendroAndColors(hier1, dynamicColors[restGenes], "Dynamic Tree Cut", dendroLabels = FALSE, hang = 0.03, addGuide = TRUE, guideHang = 0.05, main = "Gene dendrogram and module colors")
diag(diss1) = NA
TOMplot(diss1, hier1, as.character(dynamicColors[restGenes]))

module_colors= setdiff(unique(dynamicColors), "grey")
for (color in module_colors){
  write.table(module, paste("module_",color, ".txt",sep=""), sep="\t", row.names=TRUE, col.names=TRUE,quote=FALSE)

module.order <- unlist(tapply(1:ncol(datExpr),as.factor(dynamicColors),I))

MEList = moduleEigengenes(datExpr, colors = dynamicColors)
MEs = MEList$eigengenes
plotEigengeneNetworks(MEs, "", marDendro = c(0,4,1,2), marHeatmap = c(3,4,1,2))

So this is my code im using for WGCNA ,but at this point abline(h=0.80,col="red") i not getting an abline in SFT plot ,am i doing something wrong or what is the issue.

Any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated

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ADD COMMENTlink modified 11 days ago • written 11 days ago by krushnach80160

Did you check that your values are not all larger (or smaller) than 0.8?

Also, posting the plots would help

ADD REPLYlink written 11 days ago by Fabio Marroni1.5k

okay.i will post the plot .

Did you check that your values are not all larger (or smaller) than 0.8? what kind of value ?
ADD REPLYlink written 11 days ago by krushnach80160

what kind of value ?

The y values that you are plotting in the graph in which you are trying to plot the red line

ADD REPLYlink modified 11 days ago • written 11 days ago by Fabio Marroni1.5k

okay i got it my values starts from -0.8 to 0.0 the y axis , so when i change my value of h to -0.2 i get the line but how do i choose value of h ...?

ADD REPLYlink written 10 days ago by krushnach80160
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