Question: Problems while reheadering BAM with Samtools 1.3.1
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ognjen011200 wrote:

We want to remove the alternative contigs from both reference fasta and aligned BAM. The procedure we chose for BAM is to use Samtools View to keep only alignments chr1-22 and X,Y; we then: * extracted the header with samtools view -H, * deleted all the unused contigs * renamed the .txt file to .sam * used reheader BAM according to instructions.

The contents of the sam used for reheader is given below:

@HD VN:1.5  SO:coordinate
@SQ SN:chr1 LN:248956422
@SQ SN:chr2 LN:242193529
@SQ SN:chr3 LN:198295559
@SQ SN:chr4 LN:190214555
@SQ SN:chr5 LN:181538259
@SQ SN:chr6 LN:170805979
@SQ SN:chr7 LN:159345973
@SQ SN:chr8 LN:145138636
@SQ SN:chr9 LN:138394717
@SQ SN:chr10    LN:133797422
@SQ SN:chr11    LN:135086622
@SQ SN:chr12    LN:133275309
@SQ SN:chr13    LN:114364328
@SQ SN:chr14    LN:107043718
@SQ SN:chr15    LN:101991189
@SQ SN:chr16    LN:90338345
@SQ SN:chr17    LN:83257441
@SQ SN:chr18    LN:80373285
@SQ SN:chr19    LN:58617616
@SQ SN:chr20    LN:64444167
@SQ SN:chr21    LN:46709983
@SQ SN:chr22    LN:50818468
@SQ SN:chrX LN:156040895
@SQ SN:chrY LN:57227415
@RG ID:1    PL:Illumina HiSeq   SM:Plasma
@PG ID:bwa  PN:bwa  CL:/opt/bwa-0.7.13/bwa mem -M -R @RG\tID:1\tPL:Illumina HiSeq\tSM:Plasma -t 8 Homo_sapiens_assembly38.fasta /sbgenomics/Projects/8e3d501e-ff08-4ae4-b3ec-cc73e54a9b9a/ERR855951_SarcomacfDNA_1.fastq.gz /sbgenomics/Projects/8e3d501e-ff08-4ae4-b3ec-cc73e54a9b9a/ERR855951_SarcomacfDNA_2.fastq.gz VN:0.7.13-r1126
@PG ID:SAMBLASTER   CL:samblaster -i /dev/stdin -o /dev/stdout -M   VN:0.1.22
@PG ID:GATK ApplyBQSR   VN:4.beta.2 CL:ApplyBQSR  --output ERR855951_SarcomacfDNA.recalibrated.bam --bqsr_recal_file /sbgenomics/Projects/8e3d501e-ff08-4ae4-b3ec-cc73e54a9b9a/workspace/5ef73ca8-e545-4e5c-9b91-beb69b529d41/ctdna-align_WES___BWA___GATK_4_0__PLASMA_GATK_BaseRecalibrator/ERR855951_SarcomacfDNA.recal_data.grp --input /sbgenomics/Projects/8e3d501e-ff08-4ae4-b3ec-cc73e54a9b9a/workspace/5ef73ca8-e545-4e5c-9b91-beb69b529d41/ctdna-align_WES___BWA___GATK_4_0__PLASMA_BWA_MEM_Bundle_0_7_13/ERR855951_SarcomacfDNA.bam --createOutputBamIndex true  --preserve_qscores_less_than 6 --useOriginalQualities false --quantize_quals 0 --round_down_quantized false --emit_original_quals false --globalQScorePrior -1.0 --interval_set_rule UNION --interval_padding 0 --interval_exclusion_padding 0 --readValidationStringency SILENT --secondsBetweenProgressUpdates 10.0 --disableSequenceDictionaryValidation false --createOutputBamMD5 false --createOutputVariantIndex true --createOutputVariantMD5 false --lenient false --addOutputSAMProgramRecord true --addOutputVCFCommandLine true --cloudPrefetchBuffer 40 --cloudIndexPrefetchBuffer -1 --disableBamIndexCaching false --help false --version false --showHidden false --verbosity INFO --QUIET false --use_jdk_deflater false --use_jdk_inflater false --disableToolDefaultReadFilters false PN:GATK ApplyBQSR

After this any tool using the BAM fails, for example Samtools reports a truncated file. The only way I can access it if I used Samtools in the header-only mode, where again I get the same header. What could be the problem here?

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Thanks for the answer. Is there a use-case where samtools reheader works correctly?

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This comment should have gone under @Devon's answer.

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Sure, changing things like "chr1" to "1", or removing chromosomes from the end (or adding chromosomes there). I consider samtools reheader to be a very advanced function that largely requires the user be familiar with how BAM files are internally structured.

ADD REPLYlink written 2.1 years ago by Devon Ryan93k

I am asking because we have tried removing chromosomes from the end, as far as I can tell. Your advice works, but I am trying to understand what went wrong.

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Devon Ryan93k
Freiburg, Germany
Devon Ryan93k wrote:

Don't use samtools reheader to remove chromosomes/contigs that aren't at the very end of the header, doing so will just bork the file. What you want is instead something like:

samtools view -H foo.bam > header
# edit header...
samtools view foo.bam chr1 chr2 chr3 ... | samtools view -bo reheadered.bam -t header -

This will be slower than reheader, but actually work.

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