How to identify library name in fastq filename
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5.3 years ago
zmk • 0

Dear NGS experts,

I just started to analyse NGS data. I recently received some files that were generated at EMBL. I want to start analyzing them but have a hard time to figure out the read groups in order to start with GATK data preprocessing (from FASTQ to BAM).

The following article explains the different read groups I need to build the BAM file: here

My FASTQ file name is structured exactly as the one in this image

Can anyone identify the read groups, especially the library identifier for me?

The image source is from here.

Thank you so much.


fastq read-group library-name gatk • 2.5k views
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C43FWACXX is likely the ID of the flowcell this sample ran on. Rest of the mesoseq stuff is likely the sample ID. Only other distinguishing detail there is the sample is male and appears to have run in lane 5. Which would be the library name since a sample is converted to a library (unless multiple libraries are made from one sample).


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