Job:Postdoc: Population & comparative genomics of bumblebees, Queen Mary University, London, UK
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6.0 years ago
Yannick Wurm ★ 2.5k

Bees and other pollinators are essential for preserving biodiversity and ensuring agricultural yields. Reports of their declines worldwide are thus concerning. We use molecular tools to understand how pollinators are affected by changing environments and their abilities to cope with such changes.

We have established a powerful framework including genome and population genomic data from >12 bumblebee species. We will combine comparative genomic, molecular evolution and population genomic approaches to these data to address major questions concerning the evolution of these species.

We are recruiting a postdoc to lead analysis of these data.

Apply by June 5th.

Lab info:


Please pm me if any questions regarding scope or eligibility.

This initial contract is for 12 months but we will seek additional funding for the retained candidate to stay on longer.

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