Job:Informatician and Data Analyst at Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology, Glasgow, UK
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Job Purpose

We are seeking to appoint an experienced Informatician to support the Welcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology (WCMP) research groups within the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation.

The postholder will perform robust and publishable genomics, post-genomics and statistical analyses, the development and maintenance of software pipelines and tools, and the organisation and management of data generated by the Centre.

Reporting to the WCMP Bioinformatics Team Leader and accountable to WCMP Director, postholder will be expected to contribute to the research and computational activities of the WCMP.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Perform analysis of genomics, post-genomics, metabolomics and other high-throughput data emerging from WCMP research.
  2. Develop automated workflows for data processing and analysis
  3. To work collaboratively with WCMP investigators and their collaborators on projects undertaken by the WCMP Bioinformatics Team
  4. To liaise with users in experimental design
  5. To work closely with the WCMP Bioinformatics and Glasgow Polyomics Bioinformatics teams in working towards optimal workflows for data analysis.
  6. To work closely with the WCMP EupathDB staff to work towards integrating WCMP data into EuPathDB databases.
  7. To produce publication-quality figures and assist in writing manuscripts that incorporate data acquired from WCMP research
  8. To provide training/support to end users in the understanding and use of software tools
  9. Collaborate with colleagues and participate in team meetings/discussions and departmental research group activities.
  10. Assist in the supervision and training of undergraduate or postgraduate students, and/or technical staff where appropriate.
  11. Participate in local research groups to build up networks with other colleagues in the field.
  12. Engage in personal, professional and career development, to enhance both specialist and transferable skills in accordance with desired career trajectory.
  13. Contribute to computational administration duties of the WCMP team as appropriate.
  14. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as assigned by Director of Institute and / or WCMP Director.

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