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Everyone's DNA tells a story. The science team at Living DNA research and develop production-ready pipelines to analyse genetic data. DNA products include advanced ancestry inference algorithms that deliver scientifically validated results to our clients. We have recently designed a bespoke high throughput SNP chip and are entering an exciting phase of work to build new pipelines that will enhance our current ancestry products and engineer new products in family matching, wellbeing and nutrition.


We're looking for a professional bioinformatics developer or a biology-savvy software engineer to join our Bioinformatics team.

This role would suit someone who has experience of building platforms from open source, commercial and/or academic software. It will be of value to have worked with biological data, large data sets and to be happy working as part of a dynamic start-up environment with a practical, self-motivated approach to their work.

Our expectations are for you to:

Be part of our Bioinformatics team working with our computational biologists to develop new algorithms related to the processing of Whole Genome Sequence data, Genotyping and Haplotype data in order to better understand individual ancestry.

Have shared, but significant responsibility for the continuous design, development and delivery of high-throughput automated genomics pipelines in a robust and reproducible process to support our key business goals.

Have demonstrable experience with containers and cloud computing - Docker, AWS.

Continuously improve existing algorithms and tools within these pipelines to ensure high quality and cost optimal processing of human DNA.


If you answer yes to any of the following then we'd love to hear from you:

  • Do you have experience of implementing pre/post processing and analysis of large, complex and biological datasets?
  • Are you, or could you be comfortable with advanced statistical concepts, data mining, and visualization of biological data types?
  • Do you have demonstrable experience in Python?
  • Can you can solidly debate and demonstrate your experience with different QC techniques?
  • Are you a creative problem solver who is intellectually sharp?
  • Do you have significant experience in a statistical environment?
  • Are you an enthusiast for all things science, genetics and maths-related?
  • Are you competent and confident in a linux environment including standard software development tools such as git?


  • Scripting Languages: Bash, Python, R
  • Expertise in creating and maintaining computational workflows
  • Experience of building and managing highly scalable, secure, robust and cost effective infrastructure
  • Experience in creating tools and automated workflow capabilities
  • Experience of forming actionable insights from the analysis of large data sets
  • Promote, document and implement systems infrastructure best practice
  • Expertise in requirements-based software testing and validation
  • BSc / MSc. in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry or other related scientific discipline.


  • Experience in processing DNA sequence, genotyping and haplotype data and analysis of genomic datasets
  • Working knowledge of bioinformatics formats (VCF, PLINK, FASTA)
  • Working knowledge of population genetics and statistical genetics analysis methods
  • Knowledge and experience of working with AWS DevOps platforms
  • Experience in C/C++

Please email for more details or to send a CV.

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This appears to be the original add on the company's website (not sure where the position is located, though presumably it's in the UK some where):

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Hi- This advert doesn't say anything about the employer. Where is the work place and what/who is the employer? Is working remotely an option?

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We are dealing with this position, If interested please be in contact via email for full details or feel free to send your CV to and he will contact you further.


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