News:2nd Edition of the Biostar Handbook. New online course starts now.
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5.5 years ago

Two years after the launch, the Biostar Handbook gets a rewrite. The 2nd Edition is a complete rework, every section, chapter and page will be edited, expanded and modernized.

A lot has changed in the past two years - the good news is applying tools and techniques have become easier than ever. You can finish a human RNA-Seq analysis on a laptop within a day. Even Windows now comes with a fully functional Unix environment that can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

On the other hand, interpreting the results and putting them in the right context is perhaps harder than ever. It is a time when a deeper understanding of the algorithms, processes, and data are essential.

For people new to this field I would recommend the course titled:

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

that uses the new version of the book as it is being rewritten. The course is currently being delivered in a classroom setting.

Over the years this course and the book have helped thousands of students get better in this field. There is no other resource that would be as comprehensive, detailed and singularly focused getting analyses done as the course and book.

Finally, what will also set this book apart from all others is that we are integrating the Bioinformatics Recipes into the book. The recipes are fully self-contained scripts that reproduce entire data analysis pipelines.

The 2nd Edition of the Biostar Handbook is a culmination of many years of effort into a single resource.

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